Friday, 25 January 2008

Regulation 18b

Regulation 18b.
This was created before World War II by the elite of Great Britain to imprison people who... a, understood that the war was a complete fabrication...b, that IG Farben was a British and American corporation funded via London and Wall Street consisting of British and American corporations in a subsidiary role...c, to imprison psychics and mediums to prevent contact with dead soldiers.
The anti terror legislation put into place since 1997 under this current Labour government are being implemented in a stepping stone manoeuvre to re-create Regulation 18b for the coming great war.
IG Farben was a giant chemical company, so big in fact one could parallel it with a whole nation in relation to the shear sise of its administration. Germany could never have built its huge war machine without IG Farben...One could rightly claim Hitler to have been IG Farben, as IG was Hitler. The problem Germany had in relation to building and thus fuelling his military machine, was Germany's access to oil...they had none. IG Farben began as a means to turn Germany's vast coal fields into oil, the knowledge of which was supplied by Standard Oil of America. Through organisations such as; Northrop, GEC, Ford, General Motors and many others, IG became an enormous machine of death, controlling the concentration camps also.
many people new of this deceit which is why Regulation 18b was created. the link in the financing of this giant between America and Germany was Prescott Bush, grandfather to George W, and father to George Bush senior.
Just before Britain declared war on Germany Winston Churchill enacted Regulation 18b and imprisoned all possible threats in relation to the exposing of the the same way as Blair and his operators disposed of David Kelly...the biggest threat to the war on terror. many people died while in custody, for the rest they remained imprisoned for the duration of the war. the control of Regulation 18b passed onto Lord Victor Rothschild as Churchill became engrossed in the war, and was used profusely against psychics and mediums under the control of Lord Rothschild.
Much has changed since the Second World War and from what I know of military use of chemicals, 90 days detention which is what they are aiming at, would be enough to scramble the brains of all people held in custody during the 90 day period, thus eliminating any future threat of exposure once released.
what a lovely democracy we exist within...
best regards Life...

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