Sunday, 27 January 2008

Truth about European Union


When Douglas Hurd, the then foreign secretary, signed the Maastricht Treaty in February 1992, he committed Britain to a United States of Europe. Of course he and all politicians will tell you differently, they will state there is a get out clause, which says:

“Unless the United Kingdom notifies the Council that it intends to move to the third stage [political and monetary union], it shall be under no obligation to do so.”

What they don’t tell you is this Protocol was over-ruled by another on page P/UP-UEM/en61, which has these paragraphs:
“The high contracting parties…declare the irreversible character of the community’s movement to the third stage of Economic and Monetary Union by signing [my emphasis] the new treaty provisions on Economic and Monetary Union.
Therefore all Member states shall, whether they fulfill the necessary conditions for the adoption of a single currency or not, respect the will for the community to enter swiftly into the third stage, and therefore no member state shall prevent the entry into the third stage.”

Mr. Hurd signed those provisions and therefore committed the UK to those terms. In other words, having lost the power of veto, the UK either accepts political and monetary union or pulls out of the show altogether. So the public debate is a fraud, it is a talking shop to blank the truth about the true connotations of what signing the treaty really meant. As I stated in Phase III (Phase III is the third phase of an exposure currently up to Phase XIV I have written and published about the over five year period) the referendum will only take place when they have 40% of the voting population voting by postal or electronic means because neither you or any one not of the Illuminati will have any input to these means of counting the electronic and postal votes. THEY WILL CHEAT IT LIKE THEY CHEAT EVERYTHING.

This is the reason behind all the TV programmes encouraging you to vote and thus joining in with the programmes it is to get you all used to TEXT and phone voting but more importantly to TRUST the results when the PHONE LINES have closed. If you do not like this information it is because I am forcing you to realise how silly you are for trusting the Elite and the men in suites, and thus you are realising how mind control is used through the TV to manipulate you all to see the world and events as the Elite insist you all do, and thus bring about the Global Fascist state that is the NEW WORLD ORDER, by creating enough evil to force you all into handing what pathetic bits of freedom we do have, and you as always gladly obey.
So all politicians since 1992 know this unless of course they are way out of their depths when it comes to the English language, presuming of course they have even bothered to read the treaty.
I shall give you the true version of events. Most of society in all strata of government are believers, this in turn puts you at the mercy of those you are told to trust, this trust is never earned but demanded by the Elite, so if you go to court and do not employ a solicitor or barrister you know you will lose because the LAW does not like people acting for themselves they cannot control it. So we are forced to believe in somebody else to act on our behalf and pay through our noses, it is the same with everything, the Elite create Expert’s and advisors for everything and we all depend on this advice, this mechanism (created by the Elite) is the very reason the world is as it is now, EVERY DECISION IN EVERYTHING HAS BEEN ADVISED AT MOST LEVELS BY THE ELITE’S WHORES, and those of us who do speak for ourselves attract ridicule and crucifixion from you all just like most of you will be aiming at me with my attempt at helping you to help society, he is an idiot, a nutter, its treason EXECUTE him. Sound familiar?

So what awaits us now if we do not get off our backsides very quickly? A Europe of regions controlled by the unselected European commissioners and the six members of the executive board of the European Central Bank who will have control of the single currency and the reserves of each member ‘state’. These six people, who will control the whole European Union, shall “be appointed from among persons of recognised standing and professional experience in monetary and banking matters”. (Maastricht Treaty, Article 109a, page UP-UEM/eu41.) IN THEIR EIGHT YEARS OF GUARANTEED SECURITY OF TENURE, these super six bankers of the Global Elite “may not seek or take instructions from community institution…. Or any other body”. The European dictatorship will be complete. Only we the people can stop this. Read that all day until the truth of it sinks in.
This same deciet by politicians is bieng used presently in regard to the European constitution...or the real truth is, none of the politicians understand the constitution and indeed many have not even read it...
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